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The Book of Joe - Chapter 3

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

(Warning: The following journal of random bloviating is apt to include explicit language from time to time. They're just fuckin words. Don't be priggish for the benefit of your contemporaries. Get over it. Your pre-teen, if you have one or more, is currently discovering them on their own without your knowledge and taking every opportunity to wear them out like the soles of their thumbs on their cell phone.)

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Epistle to the Persnickities - Per. - 8-6-75:30-9 - A.I.? My Ass

As a species, we have a pretty lofty opinion of ourselves if we believe we are capable of developing Artificial Intelligence. Based on our historical track record as an evolutionary life form, if we're to be honest, it should more properly be labeled Artificial Idiocy or Insidiousness. After all, we are constantly warring with and harming ourselves. We have yet to master feeding, clothing, educating, and looking after each other and our planet. Wealth is in the hands of a few and the masses are largely destitute. The human race is at the mercy of a small group of hoarding, selfish fucktards and their legion of pigalhores.

Our insecurity is on constant display as we perpetually feel propelled (or are maybe herded like lemmings) to slap self defined labels on everything, despite not have fully mastered the use of any of the world's languages. I guess humans have a need to belong to a group no matter if they don't agree with every item on the menu. This is no doubt something fostered and encouraged by the fucktards, thereby making it easier to control, herd and subserviate the masses.

No sooner had Christ, Mohammad et al (your messiah name here) left the planet, did unscrupulous people begin scheming and seeking ways to transform simple messages of empathy into a money making operation for their own enrichment with complex rules, fantasy parameters and ghastly fates for those who failed to comply. Of course there were tithes (a more tasteful name for tax) necessary to lavishly feed, cloth, shelter and entertain themselves, friends and guardians. Some shrewd friends and guardians who weren't fully on board with the 'entire' menu would sometimes splinter off, forming their own versions of the religion when they could enhance their own status by attracting away a portion of the base with a tweaking of the previously laid down rules, parameters and fates that were supposedly set in stone, (except when there was coin to be made or siphoned by kneading the stone). Voltaire said, “Religion began when the first scoundrel met the first fool.” I think he was on to something.

Religious categories were neither the first nor the last category of neat boxes. Color of the skin provided a simple means of labeling for the mentally challenged. Though in reality, that presented its own complexities and difficulties for their limited brains. The number of shades of skin color would dwarf the imagination of creators of Crayola Crayons. This provided an insurmountable paradox that threaten to short circuit the thought patterns of morons' already over taxed brains. To dumb it down the fucktards adopted black, white, red, and yellow labels (with a whole slew of creative slurs of derision to go along with them) and make it simple to focus the anger of the simpletons away from those who were enslaving and oppressing THEM now. Truth is, I have never seen a person who is technically any of these simple colors if you want to be precise. Blacks are generally shades anywhere from charcoal or chestnut to beige and whites are anything but. Even the albinos, Johnny and Edgar Winter are somewhat pinkish.

Another slap a sticker on it fetish of the human race is political ideology. These labels can be anything and are defined by whatever the rich and powerful of the current generation and a particular locale decide to call them. The menu of principles change depending where the greatest opportunity for control of the masses and promise of wealth lie. Conservative, Liberal, Right, Left, Republican, Democrat, Tory, Whig, and all their gradations, modifiers and subsets - Libertarians, Moderates, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Tea Partiers, MAGA's, Nazi's and Klan. They all supposedly subscribe to a distinct menu of points of view, rules, values, specifications, and viscosities as tinkered by the current loud mouth pigalhore looking to obtain something (money, votes … oral sex) from you, the wide eyed gaping mouth novitiate.

So, look around … we have inaccurately mislabeled everything and everyone. A great deal of the world is hungry and lacking adequate shelter while there is preponderance of wealth concentrated in the hands of the few, who have run out of ways to enjoy it and are left to use it to hire guardians to protect it and generally devoid their fucktard spawn (kids) of character. We kill, maim and wound each other daily whether it be via war, robbery of anything of value, or just springing a clock spring in our fragile egg shell mind, thus giving us an urge to shoot up a school, church, supermarket, office, clinic, park or club affiliated with a label we simply can't tolerate anymore.

Yet our race/species has declared itself so, so ultra intelligent that we are capable of creating a faux intelligence capable of handling the difficult tasks of thought and emotion for us! Sounds more like either we're ultra lazy or insanely devious. And who will be writing the software? Someone who has mastered programming but maybe not social studies, the law, love or physical social interaction? However, they do have mastery of the internet to compensate for those inadequacies.

Take comfort that they'll be overseen by a team of nose discolored mangers, with the temperament of white rabbits and whose morals will likely be trumped by potential for advancement at some point. Well the CEO and owners will … oh wait; you mean some of those fucktards or future fucktard we spoke of earlier?

Well the government will have to control … wait, do you really want that? You're talking about our government and other governments? Guys and gals like Trump, Cruz, Jordan, Manchin, Greene, Bobert, Gaetz, Putin, Assad, bin Salman Al Saud?

The ego of our "organic" intelligence should be deeply offended by the pointing out of these foibles and potential pitfalls in our quest for eternal idleness - a quest, by the way, which is fantasy revolt against the greed of and nouveau form of enslavement by our fucktards (let's see if future A.I. chokes on that mouthful). Until we can be weaned of our addiction to labels and hone our ability at identifying bullshit, our egos will be played like a fiddle by fucktards in their pursuit of the new mountains of wealth to be had in pursuit of Artificial Intelligence dressed with a bow tie. Sooooooieee!

Hey, with talk like this they'll say, we never would have got to the moon … (or maybe it was somewhere east of Winnemucca … let me A.I. that … "Siri, Alexa, Bixbi, whichever the fuck of you intelligent assholes are listening today, did we really…).

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J.J. Cunis
J.J. Cunis
Jun 10, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Oh jeez, here we go ... 😬

Lawyers blame AI for citing bogus case


J.J. Cunis
J.J. Cunis
Jun 06, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is sooo Intelligent ... artificially, of course.

A purple, left leaning, retro semi-agnostic gnostic former Catholic, loose leafed binary.

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