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A B.L.O.G.

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Septmeber 4, 2023 - Republicans: Defend the Fetus at all costs, but f*ck feeding, clothing, educating, providing medical care and preventing the little bastards from getting their face blown off when they stop using disposable diapers. It only fosters big government.

Nine months into his term as speaker of the Republican controlled house, the only thing Kevin McCarthy has been able to accomplish is the downgrade of the country's bond rating. Now they're looking to have it downgraded further by trying to force a government shutdown. What they should do is shut down Congress until the majority changes. It's proven to be the least productive, most costly function of government. Republicans are as useless as tits on a bull. All they do is fuck things up and blame the Democrats.

His party has been self-flagellating over dead-end investigations into everything under the sun with no trace of anything that they allege to have taken place. They are constantly having wet dreams of a Biden impeachment with no idea as to what to charge him with. They're like a blind man in Arizona feverishly seeking the little man in the boat belonging to a lady who left for Mexico last week.

Meanwhile the mass shootings of beautiful children and innocents continue unabated. There is no place for semi-automatic weapons in civilized society. If you bring up hunting, you either suck as a hunter and can't hit shit, or you’re a pussy who finds a regular rifle too heavy to carry around and are fearful of the recoil. Face it, they're weapons of war whose sole purpose is to enable unskilled humans to efficiently kill other humans. If you say otherwise, you're a lying sack of bile, in my opinion. They should be illegal. Make them available to rent at gun ranges to be used only at gun ranges for people who need to get their jollies pretending to be G.I. Joe.

The second amendment has nothing to do with the right to own semi-automatic weapons. It says, in its entirety:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Keywords conveniently always overlooked are "A well regulated Militia". None of our hundreds of mass shooters/clowns were part of a well regulated anything never mind a body of people organized to secure one of our fifty states. You can't legally own machine guns; shoulder fired missiles, grenade or rocket launchers; nor flame throwers. Why are semi-automatic weapons exempt? The reason is that to do so would severely impact the disposable income our congressional representatives and result in them having to opt for a shitty vacation in Florida as opposed to a luxury stay in Cancun to escape the wrath of Mother Nature at home.

I love the jingoist catchphrases the NRA has repeatedly armed their bubble head minions with such as, "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is good guy with a gun!" Cops yes, average Joe's and Jane's no. I think the annual tally for deaths by criminals and mental cases is 20,000+ versus maybe 15 prevented by Dudley & Daisy Dorights. Even the Washington Generals had a better record against the Globetrotters.

No, a better proven deterrent is a mandatory twenty year sentence for illegally possessing an outlawed firearm and a mandatory life without parole for using any firearm in the commission of a crime. As far as the mental cases, the Republicans are now rallying around "the need for better mental health care" but then voting it down every time the subject is brought up in any way, shape or form in the House.


March 14, 2023 - Six-Year-Olds with guns look to the Republicans for direction on what's Right and are directed to George Santos's office to sit on the couch and watch Fox News.

Thank you. There were enough sane individuals voting in the mid-terms to knock down the feared red tsunami to a toe tickling, leach laden, poisonous red tide in the House. Yet a number of morally bankrupt Senators and Governors still managed to retain their offices. You can't win them all. Thanks to the youth of America for turning out when you were needed. I'm afraid you will be needed from here on if the human race is ever to evolve and survive.

In my day, Good and Bad were deemed to be simply Capitalism versus Communism, two fantasy ideologies which never actually existed but were great stories to distract an inadequately educated populous while the respective oligarchs of each bandstand committed an unchecked, closeted, gluttony of riches on the backs of the masses. Democrats and Republicans worked with each other and kept their backstabbing out of public view in the interest of preserving a continuous flow of graft.

Today it's more complex. It's as if the internet has unlocked an abundance of Ian Fleming's SPECTRE's. WTF! We have Kim Jung-un, North Korea (Odd Job with Nukes), Bashar al-Assad, Syria (the insane eye doctor with the luck of the Caddyshack gopher), Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela (the Escobar of Oil), Ali Khamenei, Iran (titular head of the Women Haters Club), Viktor (Get off my lawn) Orbán, Hungary, Alexander (I'm with Putin) Lukashenko, Belarus, Xi Jinping, China (Pandemics-R-Us), Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia (It wasn't me. Here, let me get you a check), Vladimir Putin, Russia (I'm a somebody!). The world has become a giant WWF, complete with partisan promoter news networks willing sacrifice integrity in a quest for that all important quarter of point rating, so important to peddling advertising spots to gullible corporate suckers.

Yes, we must remain vigilant. We elected but did not re-elect an inherited wealth idiot who did more lasting damage to this country and democracy than anyone since the Civil War. Now he's back again with even a more dangerous clone from Florida opposing him.

And like Stripe in Gremlins, his bombastic, unintelligible logic, which is so popular with open mouth gawking morons, has managed to spawn a horde of identical mogwai creating havoc throughout federal and state governments across the country, on your dime to boot.

There are a slim majority of knuckleheads in control of the House led by a spineless worm, who frighteningly, is third in line for the White House should the unimaginable happen. (However, I guess if this nation survived the presidency of a thieving Cheesy Poof it can survive anything, although I would strongly not recommend tempting fate). Luckily the Senate is in Democratic hands, though that is subject to debate, thanks to two weather vane candidates who will twist in the direction of the best remuneration.

Back to the House, the knuckleheads are now controlled by a fringe element lead by representatives from the sticks (study the Congressional District maps and tell me what's missing in their district - ( ) hint, civilization. They seem to follow the marching orders of a Bob's Big Boy Mascot look-alike, a blonde human manifestation of Cocaine Bear and Bubbles, the poster child for the dangers of grammar school dropouts.

Luckily, they are unable to accomplish anything, first because their ideas are fricken insane and second because they're busy making fools of themselves having hearings on every Fox News, National Enquirer-like allegation thrown out over the past two years including their quest for the coveted and elusive, Hunter Biden penis pics.

Speaking of Fox … (I just can't call it news) based on the evidence revealed in the Dominion Lawsuit only an idiot would continue to believe anything they say. They are a national disgrace and should be prosecuted for knowingly inciting a riot and relegating this country to looking like a third rate banana republic on January 6th.

Education and thus human evolution has been repressed in this country. Even more so now. An educated worker is problematic to the wealthy. If oligarchs can't have slaves they will adapt and settle for low paid simpletons. Yes, they have to pay them and provide benefits fought for by the damn bleeding heart democrats and human rights foundations, but on the plus side they no longer have to feed, house or whip them. Though, they sort of yearn for the days of the last one.

What the second and third generation inherited wealth billionaires lost sight of or never studied while serving their time showing up for their mommy and daddy's, bought and paid for diplomas from Ivy League institutions with buildings named after their ancestors, is history. When there is gross disparity between the classes bad things happen to them - always. Let's start with the obvious ones, The American and French Revolutions. Then there are the less obvious ones, The Russian Revolution of 1917, The Chinese Revolution of 1911, The Haitian Revolution 1791, Vietnam, the Arab Spring to name a few. The moral of the story is you can only push people so far, then BAM, rightly or wrongly, the rich find themselves being dragged through the streets. The resulting society may or may not suck but it sure felt satisfying for the people seeing their oppressors soil their underroos.

Republicans may want to reconsider their stance on gun control, because hell has no fury like a mental case scorned, and there are a lot of mental cases with an armory of AR-15's who have been swearing by what they've been fed by Fox and the Republican party. Now it's out that they've been played for a fool.

Ye of rational mind, please come to MASS before things get out of hand. It's time for people still possessing all their marbles and those who can possibly still recall where they left them before being seduced by the Tangerine Tongued Teller of Tall Tales to join forces in the furtherance of accountable government. MASS - Make America Sane Soon! Or … support a party that believes in armoring educational institutions and making Navy Seal training part of teacher certification for Ms. Crabtree rather than simply re-instituting the assault weapon ban and instituting tougher background checks.

October 28, 2022 - Political Action Committees (PAC's) spend billions each election betting we're morons.

Politicians spend billions each campaign year betting we're morons. Just look at the ads. Turns out it seems to be a winning bet due to many of us being either apathetic, lazy or willing simpletons. Ever wonder why spending on education is low on the totem pole? A logic starved constituency is an easily manipulated constituency. A good education fosters common sense and logical thinking, which is counterproductive to a rewarding, kickback enhanced career in government. It's the ancient Chinese Mushroom Cultivation Theorem of Governance - feed them shit and keep them in the dark.

Republican stooges, Howdy Doody Hannity and his sidekick, Clarabelle Carlson, would have you believe a Democratic President has satanic powers and is responsible for your every ailment in the world, from higher prices to the heartbreak of psoriasis. They always vaguely back it up by referencing obscure sources and telling their chuckle head peanut gallery, just go look it up; which no one ever does because it's un-findable with the information given. But convinced it is true and God is on their side they will re spew their blather.

With a lack of high school historical or political science education, many people fail to realize it is hard for a President to accomplish anything if 100% the opposing party has marching orders of "Whatever it is, we're against it."

You also have to wonder when the former President's son-in-law comes merrily skipping back from Saudi Arabia with $2 billion dollars in a suitcase and shortly thereafter it's determined the President had a stash of Iranian (the arch enemy of the Saudis) nuclear secrets stashed behind a crate of tangerine skin cream next to the copier at Mara Largo. Wonder why oil prices keep trying to creep back up?

Then there are the billionaires, the real behind the scenes inflation manipulators. Could they hold a grudge over having to finally have to pay taxes like the commoners and pay a living wage? They cry about higher wages and supply chain difficulties driving inflation. As far as supply chain issues, their fortune 500 CEO's are paid an average of over $15 million a year plus stock option sweeteners. You'd think these captains of industry would have worked out the logistics by now, since the problem dates back to the Trump administration.

No, for these snickering little weasels, the Fox Fantasy News trumpeted culprits of 'high wages' and 'supply shortages', provide a perfect cover to gouge the shit out of the consumer. The higher they can get the prices now, the higher they'll remain when it comes time to magnanimously roll them back, … a generous 50% of the unwarranted increases. If you think I'm full of shit, here's a reference for ya, with a link actually provided.

God bless you Katie Porter and your fabulous white board! Unfortunately, I don't think the peanut gallery has a clue as to who you are. I don't imagine you get much air time in the Fox Den.


Trump's Wall was a symbolic deterrence meant to placate the feeble minded. The only things it disrupted were confused armadillos. No, the wall was a great ploy to grant sweetheart contracts to construction companies of limited construction experience and ongoing sweetheart maintenance contractors to perpetually repair and maintain the shoddy work performed.

The reality is, the last thing the deep pocket backers of the Republican Party wish to see is the faucet supplying cheap immigrant labor shut off. Ever since the emancipation proclamation, their John Bircher backers have depended on cheap immigrant labor to maintain the next best thing to slavery. And they deliver the votes come Election Day by pitting races against each other. They make them believe illegals are coming across the border like the scene in World War Z, to take their jobs and keep'em from asking for raises.


P.S. Locally, I never realized NH Congressman Chris Pappas was Nancy Palpatine Pelosi's Darth Vader. I had never heard of him before the Republican election run up commercials. (Just between us, I don't think Nancy's heard of him either. She's too busy defending the Capital Death Star from the ex-Creamsicle-in-Chief's disjointed rebel alliance).


This mid-term election will be one of the most important in our history. If you truly value our heritage you must vote in this election. Vote out Republicans in every election right down through the position of dog catcher. This year it is critical that this party be decimated and sent a message to go back and re-invent itself. This country has gone way too far to the extreme right. The only way to fix it is to swing way back to the extreme left with the goal of returning normalcy and settling somewhere in the middle where reasoned discourse can resume again. Register and vote, no matter what the obstacle.



October 22, 2022 - BREAKING NEWS: WEWO awarded an injunction to require the Republican Party to immediately cease and desist

Current Logo

BREAKING NEWS: WEWO (World Elephant Welfare Organization) has been awarded an injunction in Federal Court to require the Republican Party to immediately cease and desist from using and elephant's likeness in any form in association with their Party's business. Elephants from around the world have joined in this class action suit.

Elephant spokesman, Barbar, released a statement saying, "We elephants are a compassionate, empathetic and loving species and no longer wish to have our likeness associated with such a vile organization!"

Anticipating the Party would be seeking a replacement logo, lions, tigers and bears all quickly filed immediate restraining orders to prohibit the use of their likeness. Other species are lining up to follow.

With the mid-term elections looming, Republican are said to be in emergency talks with the leader of a species (pictured below) more representative of their "family values" and policies .

September 2022 -ARE YOU HUMAN? OR NOT YET?

I've railed against the Republicans ad infinitum in previous posts and on twitter. They deserve it. Their most vocal supporters are mindless fools with no concept of history except the purified, homogenized history fed to them by their manipulators. If they are the ones to turn out in mass this November, while independent thinking individuals don't exert the effort to vote, regardless of obstacle, this country will be well on the way to its downfall. It happens to all great empires, though most seemed to have lasted a lot longer than our miserable 250 years. Consider the empires of Ancient Greece, Rome, Britain, Spain, France … all now a mere shadows of the empires they once were. Greed and corruption is the fastest way to neuter a country.

And the Democrats are not without fault either. They too are susceptible to their share of greed and corruption. BUT AT THIS POINT IN TIME. Again, AT THIS POINT IN TIME, they are the necessary solution due to our self sustaining 'ONLY TWO'-party system. And the fact that in 2016, America lost it mind and didn't have the intelligence to recognize a lying, bigoted, snake-oil salesman and made him President due to him being a boisterous, fake TV star and saying outrageous things. To be fair a majority of Americans actually voted for Hillary, but the idiotic, out-dated Electoral College system gave the office to the bloated orange.

As a result, for four years there was nobody running the ship. The head of your Executive Branch was preoccupied with draining every cent he could get his hands on from the Treasury, deflecting the public's attention in other directions with outlandish accusations only a moron would give credence to, decimating the EPA, CDC and the Courts, giving tax breaks to billionaires, setting in place a phalanx of lawyers, judges, elected and appointed officials, to ensure he'd escape jail time. He installed dynamos like Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos, Louis DeJoy, Robert Redfield, John Ratcliff, Rick Perry, Wilbur Ross, among many others, who dutifully decimated a previously functioning government while no doubt carving out their own little pieces of the pie.

He tried to kill America (and a bunch of Americans too) and blames it on everyone else. His shining example to the children of this nation is learn to lie, lie, lie, lie again, cheat and steal. Yell while you do, call people names, say 'family values' a lot and people needing to belong to something, anything, will follow you. AND ALWAYS ASK FOR THEIR MONEY because, you know, there's a sucker born every minute.

It's time to put Republicans on the shelf for awhile, a time-out, so to speak. They've become the party of hate and avarice.

However, if you think pompous white men with jowls know what's best for a woman's health and that of victims of rape, incest and pedophilia - vote big, vote elephant. If you're okay with armed forces grade, semi-automatic large caliber weapons being used to make your children into a heap of chop suey to ensure the right of pea brains morons to pretend they're army men or video game heroes - vote for the Grand Old Party.

Like having to run a gauntlet to cast a vote in a democracy and have it being in danger of being ignored if it's not to the liking of the party of the Secretary of State or Governor? Don't like lower cost medical insurance and prescription drugs? Don't give a shit if that FICA deduction you've been contributing all your life to be able to retire are for naught - poof - gone? Go RED!

Do you prefer prison level fortification of schools, requiring navy seal trained teachers (Uvalde proved police training may not be sufficient) and indoctrinating elaborate active shooter drills in the brains of smiling six year olds, just so that retards in East Bumfuck can have huge arsenals in preparation for the impending government takeover that they've been waiting for 200 years? (Nobody told them, the government could vaporize them in 15 minutes, if it had a mind to regardless of how much they spent. No, they spent too much time working overtime to afford those guns instead of investing in their brains). Oh, if you do … vote Q.

If you prefer the new, snappy, Klu Klux Klan attire of khakis, polo shirts, ball caps and face coverings, vote MAGA. If you think it's God-fearing to fuck around with the lives and futures of desperate families who have spent months walking through scorching heat and risking their lives to escape the tyranny of a country, the likes of which Ron Desantis, Donald Trump and their ilk would love this country to become - then go fuck yourself and whatever preacher you're wasting your money on.

This mid-term election will be one of the most important in our history. If you truly value our heritage you must vote in this election. Vote out Republicans in every election right down through the position of dog catcher. This year it is critical that this party be decimated and sent a message to go back and re-invent itself. This country has gone way too far to the extreme right. The only way to fix it is to swing way back to the extreme left with the goal of returning normalcy and settling somewhere in the middle where reasoned discourse can resume again. Register and vote, no matter what the obstacle.



Enough of this madness. I've decided to activate the Litany of Gibberish post (A B.L.O.G.) as a vehicle for putting forth thoughts which pop into my brain from time to time, without structure or form. They may be short or they may be long. Each entry will be dated and appear at the top of the post so you will not have to scroll through stuff you've already seen. Most will be written on the fly, largely unedited and sometimes unsubstantiated ('MOTHER OF GOD, how dare he, in this day and age where those we look up to for leadership would never lie ... well not big lies ... well not often anyway ... ahh ... let's just move on, shall we, and see what he has to say'). So let's bloviate!

There's a heavy weight I have to get off my chest. It's the elephant in the room, so to speak. They're know as REPUBLICANS. At one time, I even identified as one. Now that I look back on those younger days, when I was working my ass off with my head buried with concerns of providing and caring for my family and generally unaware of what was going on in world affairs and living off sound bites gathered here and there, I now feel like a total fricken DOPE.

The unease started creeping in during the Bush Junior administration. It was during his reign when I formally switched to Independent, where I have been since. Now that I am retired after dealing with cancer, I have done a lot of catching up on what the hell's been happening in the world - it's more than what was being told on the news at 6 and 11. There are a shitload of sleaze bags and morons (their lemmings) out there and the societal structure which has been ingrained in this country has enabled them to flourish, much to the county's detriment. Not only that, the internet unwittingly (or maybe intentionally) made the universe of sleaze bags and morons aware of each other thus emboldening them by removing the apprehension of abnormality or uniqueness, it also has provided a library of resources appropriately simplified to enrich themselves at the expense of others and not from creating any added value.

I have come to the conclusion the Republican party has been on a path of treachery for many years ... in the shadows. Ironically it was the their unintended loud mouth golden idol, who like the pied piper, summoned the previously disinterested moronic lemmings from under their rocks and as he has been prone to do with everything he touches, gleefully drove the franchise into a puss filled sluice-way while he and Secretary Munchkin were backing up a line of Brinks trucks up to the Treasury on a daily basis.

While Donny the Dunce and family were joyfully stealing the silverware and anything else that wasn't tied down Mitch, the tripled chinned turtle, saw he had the cover to accomplish his life's goal - finish packing the courts with Federalist Society judges. And as we are seeing, it is paying off in spades in this session - Roe v. Wade, concealed carry reversal and god knows what else is coming. I imagine his paydays from the NRA, gun manufacturers, evangelicals and every other lobby that will profit greatly from these acts, will be unimaginable.

The REPUBLICAN PARTY has become the equivalent of the AMERICAN TALIBAN. Thanks to the out-dated electoral college and the structure of the Senate (two for every state regardless of population size) they have disproportionate power contrary to the will of the vast majority of the people. This flaw in our structure will be the cause of the loss of our democracy.

This mid-term election will be one of the most important in our history. If you truly value our heritage you must vote in this election. Vote out Republicans in every election right down through the position of dog catcher. This year it is critical that this party be decimated and sent a message to go back and re-invent itself. There is nothing Biden can do without the support of both the House and the Senate.

The Tangerine Twat decimated the Executive branch of government. In November, he had the head of the GSA, Emily W. Murphy, thwart the incoming transition team at every turn. Then Republican representatives delayed and dragged out the approval of almost every Biden cabinet appointee. PEOPLE FORGET OR WEREN'T AWARE THIS WAS HAPPENING.

And yet everything in the world is Biden's fault. You realize that he can't just walk into the White House, wave a magic wand, and have the enormous, unending, shit stain left by the previous administration disappear like it was a Tide commercial. Remember, the stooges given jobs by previous Cheeto-in-Chief, in all the departments administered by the Executive Branch (President) don't have to go away if they don't want to. The Executive Branch oversees 4.2 MILLION employees. And as government employees, they can't be fired except for cause which takes ages to effectuate. They can be pigeon holed though, but you need the department's cabinet position filled first and it takes time for them to have their people identify the idiots, if they ever do.

There are evil people who wish to re-make our democracy into a cloistered authoritarian regime in service to themselves. This country has gone way too far to the extreme right. The only way to fix it is to swing way back to the extreme left with the goal of returning normalcy and settling somewhere in the middle where reasoned discourse can resume again. Christians don't seem Christian-like anymore. 'Do unto others as you would TRULY have done unto yourself' is out the window and into the sluice-way. "In God We Trust" has seem to devolved into "In God's Name We Profit - No, no, not you though". It's ironic that these sanctimonious morons are so vain and self centered as to believe THE MOST POWERFUL ENTITY, that is responsible for the ultimate creation of EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE AND THINGS WE DON'T EVEN HAVE WORDS FOR OR KNOW OF YET would in any way require eni-weany them to intercede on his/her/it's behalf in anybody else's business about anything! Who the fuck do you think you are?

Silent Apathetic Majority (SAM) you are needed. Register and vote, no matter what the obstacle.

October 28, 2019

I'm contemplating starting a blog. I'm calling it B.L.O.G. or a 'Bloviator's Litany of Gibberish'! More to come when the urge comes to bloviate ...

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