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Enough of this madness. I've decided to activate the Litany of Gibberish post (A B.L.O.G.) as a vehicle for putting forth thoughts which pop into my brain from time to time, without structure or form. They may be short or they may be long. Each entry will be dated and appear at the top of the post so you will not have to scroll through stuff you've already seen. Most will be written on the fly, largely unedited and sometimes unsubstantiated ('MOTHER OF GOD, how dare he, in this day and age where those we look up to for leadership would never lie ... well not big lies ... well not often anyway ... ahh ... let's just move on, shall we, and see what he has to say'). So let's bloviate!

There's a heavy weight I have to get off my chest. It's the elephant in the room, so to speak. They're know as REPUBLICANS. At one time, I even identified as one. Now that I look back on those younger days, when I was working my ass off with my head buried with concerns of providing and caring for my family and generally unaware of what was going on in world affairs and living off sound bites gathered here and there, I now feel like a total fricken DOPE.

The unease started creeping in during the Bush Junior administration. It was during his reign when I formally switched to Independent, where I have been since. Now that I am retired after dealing with cancer, I have done a lot of catching up on what the hell's been happening in the world - it's more than what was being told on the news at 6 and 11. There are a shitload of sleaze bags and morons (their lemmings) out there and the societal structure which has been ingrained in this country has enabled them to flourish, much to the county's detriment. Not only that, the internet unwittingly (or maybe intentionally) made the universe of sleaze bags and morons aware of each other thus emboldening them by removing the apprehension of abnormality or uniqueness, it also has provided a library of resources appropriately simplified to enrich themselves at the expense of others and not from creating any added value.

I have come to the conclusion the Republican party has been on a path of treachery for many years ... in the shadows. Ironically it was the their unintended loud mouth golden idol, who like the pied piper, summoned the previously disinterested moronic lemmings from under their rocks and as he has been prone to do with everything he touches, gleefully drove the franchise into a puss filled sluice-way while he and Secretary Munchkin were backing up a line of Brinks trucks up to the Treasury on a daily basis.

While Donny the Dunce and family were joyfully stealing the silverware and anything else that wasn't tied down Mitch, the tripled chinned turtle, saw he had the cover to accomplish his life's goal - finish packing the courts with Federalist Society judges. And as we are seeing, it is paying off in spades in this session - Roe v. Wade, concealed carry reversal and god knows what else is coming. I imagine his paydays from the NRA, gun manufacturers, evangelicals and every other lobby that will profit greatly from these acts, will be unimaginable.

The REPUBLICAN PARTY has become the equivalent of the AMERICAN TALIBAN. Thanks to the out-dated electoral college and the structure of the Senate (two for every state regardless of population size) they have disproportionate power contrary to the will of the vast majority of the people. This flaw in our structure will be the cause of the loss of our democracy.

This mid-term election will be one of the most important in our history. If you truly value our heritage you must vote in this election. Vote out Republicans in every election right down through the position of dog catcher. This year it is critical that this party be decimated and sent a message to go back and re-invent itself. There is nothing Biden can do without the support of both the House and the Senate.

The Tangerine Twat decimated the Executive branch of government. In November, he had the head of the GSA, Emily W. Murphy, thwart the incoming transition team at every turn. Then Republican representatives delayed and dragged out the approval of almost every Biden cabinet appointee. PEOPLE FORGET OR WEREN'T AWARE THIS WAS HAPPENING.

And yet everything in the world is Biden's fault. You realize that he can't just walk into the White House, wave a magic wand, and have the enormous, unending, shit stain left by the previous administration disappear like it was a Tide commercial. Remember, the stooges given jobs by previous Cheeto-in-Chief, in all the departments administered by the Executive Branch (President) don't have to go away if they don't want to. The Executive Branch oversees 4.2 MILLION employees. And as government employees, they can't be fired except for cause which takes ages to effectuate. They can be pigeon holed though, but you need the department's cabinet position filled first and it takes time for them to have their people identify the idiots, if they ever do.

There are evil people who wish to re-make our democracy into a cloistered authoritarian regime in service to themselves. This country has gone way too far to the extreme right. The only way to fix it is to swing way back to the extreme left with the goal of returning normalcy and settling somewhere in the middle where reasoned discourse can resume again. Christians don't seem Christian-like anymore. 'Do unto others as you would TRULY have done unto yourself' is out the window and into the sluice-way. "In God We Trust" has seem to devolved into "In God's Name We Profit - No, no, not you though". It's ironic that these sanctimonious morons are so vain and self centered as to believe THE MOST POWERFUL ENTITY, that is responsible for the ultimate creation of EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE AND THINGS WE DON'T EVEN HAVE WORDS FOR OR KNOW OF YET would in any way require eni-weany them to intercede on his/her/it's behalf in anybody else's business about anything! Who the fuck do you think you are?

Silent Apathetic Majority (SAM) you are needed. Register and vote, no matter what the obstacle.

October 28, 2019

I'm contemplating starting a blog. I'm calling it B.L.O.G. or a 'Bloviator's Litany of Gibberish'! More to come when the urge comes to bloviate ...

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