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From: Peter Cunis

Sent: Sunday, March 01, 2015 7:17 PM

To: Joe Cunis

Subject: Re: Itichiwan


... I started reading it but am not finished. Do you have any particular styles in mind? My personal work is more painterly and not photo-realistic. Have you seen any of the book covers I did for Henry Rollins? It would be close to that. I will let you know when I finish it and we can talk about it ...



Here’s  what I’m looking for -  the book cover is a silhouette of Pomarat with one arm with bow by his side perpendicular to his body and in the other hand in the fore, a tomahawk. Face is upraised but a silhouette. He is within a giant glowing yellow translucent orb – but we see him from outside ...  Pomarat is evil, a muscular midget killing machine, no conscience. You’ll understand after reading. He’s the one with a Mohawk.  Photo-realistic is not what I’m looking for. Painterly is. I checked out the Rollins covers. I looking along the same vein as “Broken Summers”.  The glow of the bridge in the fore! Same for The Orb with a silhouette of Pomarat inside.


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