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Sandy Neck Beach



As the word spreads, the accolades grow!

2024 American Legacy Award Finalist

2023 BookLife Quarter Finalist

2022 Readers Favorite Finalist

                                  below are links to my works. Above is a menu of fun places to screw off. See how the cover of "Itchiwan" was born via email and phone over 2,000 miles in Cover Art.  Check out Info for Upcoming Events, Links and how Crabby and Mermi are doing. Birds et al has photos of the patrons and ambiance of Eat at Joe's Family of Restaurants featured in "For the Birds", my Vella Series. Find out the bare minimum about me in Bio, and look in live on our crack staff, Alan & Zed (Drop me an email if they're goofing off). And finally stroll through our showroom at Callahan's for the finest in bric-a-brac, swag and fashion. Pukwudgees are standing by to tailor your body to standard sizes.             Bookmark or Favorite, so you can come back again and again.


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An Epic Mythological Time Travel Adventure which will thrill, horrify and amuse. A Reader's Favorite Award Finalist.


Kindle Vella Series:

The Terrace.png

Looking for something fun in your retirement? I took up backyard birding! Read all about it - "FOR THE BIRDS!" a humorous foray into the world of ornithology.

Like Seinfeld Starring Birds!

Entertaining in a quirky way! I’m hooked - what characters will show up next? - Debbie Clark

What the hell is Vella and how do I get it FREE?

Contributing Author -
Collected Works:

A collection of original prose, poetry, and visual artworks in celebration of those animals whose existence enhance our own lives.


A 72-page collection of 34 poems and 31 illustrations created by literary arts members and friends.

A beautiful book of artwork, images, poems and stories about the iconic Sandwich Boardwalk

Proceeds from above collections support the Sandwich Arts Alliance, of Sandwich, MA - a non-profit that enriches the community while providing a nurturing atmosphere for the arts, including a scholarship fund to benefit local students who are pursuing a career in an artistic field.

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Keep off the dunes ... or you might die ...

The Other Stuff:

More Other Stuff:

In the Oven:

Currently working on two novels, "Pukwudgee", the sequel to "Itchiwan" and the tentatively titled "Ying, Yang & Sometimes Y" - about the forthcoming Last Holy Gospel (The Book of Joe) which coincides with the end of the world, thus is largely unread.

Amen ... So there

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