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Tunnel of Legends, Retold

(The Indie United Flash Fiction Challenge requires doing a story with a picture as a prompt. The story can be no longer than 250 words. Photo copyright K. S. Brooks.)

“Hey Grandpa, look it all those flags!” exclaimed five year old Calvin has they rounded the corner and were confronted with the long tunnel down to the field. Calvin’s grandpa was an administrator at Notre Dame and was giving him a tour of the stadium while Calvin’s parents were enjoying some free time in town.

“Well Cal, those banners represent all the national championships of the esteemed football program here at the university. That 1924 one was the year of the Four Horsemen and the first …” So began a long litany of football lore as they proceeded across the field and sat in the now empty bleachers that had bore witness to some of the greatest moments in college football.

Later that evening, Calvin’s mom asked about his day. Cal got all excited and ran through grandpa’s stories. “What a scary place! Four Horsemen destroyed a whole army! Paul Horny was magical and got a High Man trophy even though he lost a lot. A guy named Jerome Biggest turned into a bus! Coach Lou wanted Coach Jimmy’s bum. Alan Page, the giant, became a Purple People Eater! This guy Jungle Jim Quinn could be everywhere at once! And a guy named The Zipper made a big speech, became President and died of pneumonia. Oh yeah, and some guy from Montana became the greatest quarterback ever.”

“Well that’s quite the tale!” chuckled mom.

“I know! I told grandpa everybody knows Tom Brady isn’t from Montana.”

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