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The Uninvited Guest

(Yet another story I submitted to the Aspiring Writers Short Story Challenge on LinkedIn. The challenge is you have to craft a very short story about the subject of the month. That month the subject was "The Uninvited Guest". The story has to fit in one LinkedIn comment. That means it has to be fewer than 1250 characters … not words, characters! What I posted here is an un-shaved version of the story.)

I was on my back, feet hanging out the door, rear end on the front seat, shoulders and head on the floor by the gas pedal seeking the fuse box in my Sapporo. Putting myself in this position was probably not the wisest thing considering the latest victim of a hunted serial killer was found in our apartment complex dumpster a few weeks ago. But this was Houston, all sorts of weird shit was happening every day and it was always fucking hot!

She hopped into the car and sat on my crotch looking down at me. She was light as a feather, blacker than the darkest night, and had green eyes that were bewitching. Her landing was so gentle, I didn’t bang my head on the dash or react in shock. Instead, I asked “Who are you?”

She laid on my belly. I shinnied into an upright position lifting her gently. I was about to place her down onto the pavement when I notice why she had decided to attach herself to me. Fifteen yards away was a large dog of unknown pedigree emoting ‘Give up the cat! And we can all be friends.’

I grabbed a hammer from the tool box and raised it in a threatening manner taking a quick step towards the dog growling “GIT!” The dog backed off another ten yards uncertain. I continued walking towards the dog with raised hammer growling, the cat tucked in my arm like a football. The cat comfortable enjoying the show with her new found knight. The dog took off thinking this wasn’t working.

Back at my apartment I announced to my wife, “We have an uninvited guest, I call her Cleopatra. She needs sanctuary for a while.” 'A while' became a permanent member of the household.

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