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J.J. Cunis's "MISCALCULATION" Wins Flash Fiction Challenge (3rd time)

(The Indie United Flash Fiction Challenge requires doing a story with a picture as a prompt. The story can be no longer than 250 words. Photo copyright K. S. Brooks.)

Miscalculation by J.J. Cunis

Ed Healy, Mall General Manager, was pissed but somewhat amused as he approached the aberration he saw in his lot. He radioed Jim the lot attendant out by the highway. “Jim! You mind telling me how the Green Giant’s sex toy ended up in my lot! The mall’s opening soon.”

“Ehhh, miscalculation?”


“The driver asked if he could turn his rig around. Says he took the wrong exit. I guess he miscalculated the hump.” Jim snickered.

“You trying to be funny?”

“No, you’re the one who called it a Green Giant sex toy …”

“Where’s the guy now?”

“Re-calculating? I don’t know. He’s probably callin’ someone. Did you look in the cab?”

Ed got out of his car and donned his hard hat. Why? He didn’t really know. It wasn’t like he was going to try and push the damn thing off the hump. He was hoping to look more officious and intimidating. He opened the door of the cab and saw the driver sweating profusely furiously tapping numbers into his cell phone.

“I need this rig out of my lot … soon,” said Ed calmly.

“Yes sir, I’m doing my best to get someone,” said the driver now in a panic.

Ed considered this and asked, “What the hell is that damn thing anyway?”

“Sir, it’s a piece of the launch tower for the Space-X rocket.”

Ed said “Hmm,” and looked up to the sky and wondered if he should be wearing his hard hat more often.

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